Q: I’m new to speech and debate. How do I get involved?

Join a club.  A club provides training for students from novices to advanced speakers.  Adult leaders provide primary training, particularly in character development and community standards to parents and students alike. The adult coaches also develop opportunities for more advanced students to participate as peer mentors and teen leaders, so that a club is not just a place for young people to prepare for competition, but is a place to develop a well-rounded resume as well.

A club is a sheltered place for students to try out new ideas, to practice scary skills and to share evidence.  This is where deep friendships can be nurtured in a context of common work, loyalty and friendly iron-sharpening-iron clashes.  Adult leadership is critical in keeping these relationships positive.

The speech community offers a variety of connections and opportunities.  Clubs keep families in the know about upcoming events.  Clubs also create new opportunities for the local speech community by organizing round robins, inviting topic experts to brief debaters, arranging service projects, planning competitions and so on.


Q:  What are the requirements for participation with Colorado?

Visit the StoaUSA web site for complete information on this and other important issues.


Q:  What about younger sibling?

Younger siblings are an invaluable resource as timekeepers and helpers during tournament season. As younger siblings watch the older students perform, they become inspired and develop the idea that public speaking is normal and non-threatening.


Q:  Whom may I contact for more information?

Select the “Clubs” link near the top of this page to find the club nearest you.


Q: Can I participate in both Stoa and NCFCA

Yes, but you must affiliate or join both organizations separately to do so.


Q: Will Stoa be using the same Debate Resolutions as NCFCA?



Q: Does STOA have a “Nationals”?

Yes – the Stoa National Invitational Tournament of Champions!


Q: What is the cost of membership for 2014-2015?

It is $45 per family, regardless of how many children you will have competing.

Club dues are an additional expense and are club specific.


Q: Do I have to pay for registration by computer, or may I send a check?

You may pay by check or Paypal. If you have difficulties with these, let us know. We regret we cannot take children as payment in kind, no matter how talented.